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G-force induced loss of consciousness (abbreviated as G-LOC, pronounced ‘GEE-lock’) is a term generally used in aerospace physiology to describe a loss of consciousness occurring from excessive and sustained g-forces draining blood away from the brain causing cerebral hypoxia. The condition is most likely to affect pilots of high performance fighter and aerobatic aircraft or astronauts but is possible on some extreme amusement park rides. G-LOC incidents have caused fatal accidents in high performance aircraft capable of sustaining high g for extended periods. High-G training for pilots of high performance aircraft or spacecraft often includes ground training for G-LOC in special centrifuges, with some profiles exposing pilots to 9 g’s for a sustained period.

Full definition here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-LOC


* Customer may have to supply cores for G-LOC™ to reline, or there could be a non-refundable core charge on certain pad shapes. Please contact G-LOC Brakes, LLC™®© to find out. G-LOC Brakes, LLC©™® is a registered trademarks of G-LOC Performance Products, LLC