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Environment:  G-LOC Brakes™ is committed to produce environmentally friendly high performance brake pads.  We don’t use harmful chemicals or materials that can be harmful to our environment.  We use high quality, consistent all organic materials.  Inexpensive brake pads use toxic materials that can produce toxic gasses into our air and toxic brake dust that can wash into our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans.  At G-LOC Brakes™, we can sleep at night knowing that none of our materials will be harmful to humans or the environment.

At G-LOC™ we are focused on energy reduction and recycling any all materials that are involved in our production process.  We reclaim and reuse as many backing plates as we can every day.  Customers can send us their used backing plates for us to reuse at any time.

Next time you are thinking about purchasing a set of brake pads from a major auto parts store or retailer, please think about who made it, where was it made, and what’s in their compounds.  Unfortunately, many companies build these types of brake pads with cheap materials that produce toxic pollutants into our air and toxic brake dust into our waterways.  These type of companies care more about profit margins then they do about a quality product and whether or not it’s harmful to our earth.   Please think about the future we are leaving our children and grandchildren.

Don’t try and save a few dollars by purchasing cheap toxic products.  You can purchase G-LOC Brakes™ with the peace of mind knowing you purchased the highest quality, high performance brake pads in the market that are environmentally friendly.   Made by racers for racers, who also care about our planet.