Contingency Requirements and Information

G-LOC Brakes Contingency Requirements and Information

Contingency Requirements and Information

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Contingency Requirements

  • Competitors must race with G-LOC brake pads.
  •  Driver must list “G-LOC Brakes” as a sponsor on the entry list. There are no exceptions for this as it is used to reconcile contingency award and highest finisher. G-LOC Brakes is not G-LOC or a similar name of a much different non-racing product. We are “G-LOC Brakes” and that is indicative of our product, what it is and helps the proliferation of our brand.
  • Decals Required: YES
  • # of Decals: 4 (Exception: Formula cars may run one on the center of the nose or one on each side of the vehicle.)
  • Location: One on each side of the vehicle, one on the front bumper/air dam, and one on the rear bumper/rear facing trunk lid. The side of the vehicle is described as between the center of the front fender above the middle of the front wheel to the center of the rear fender above the center of the rear wheel. Decal placement on the corners of the car is not recommended. G-LOC Brakes desire is that every published photo of your car the G-LOC Brakes logo is easily visible.
  • Availability: Decals will be mailed once registered. Additional decals are available by calling 844-927-2537 or

Optional but appreciated extras

  • Share your G-LOC Brakes success with others on social media by tagging us on facebook and/or twitter when you post your race reports or post photos of your race car.
  • Use the easy image upload feature on our website at: to upload photos of your race car to our website.
  • When we are at the race track, invite us to eat your tasty snacks and drink your cold beverages.
  • Wear your G-LOC Brakes t-shirts at the race track and tell everyone how awesome our brake pads are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is G-LOC Brakes offering contingency sponsorship?

We want to support the racing community that supports us! We also want to increase our participation in sponsorship and contingency and we will do that by building our brand and your loyalty to our products.

Why did G-LOC Brakes offer a Highest Finisher award?

We wanted to offer a Highest Finisher award to be different than everyone else, but also to allow racers within the field to RACE for an award that is not a podium award. We desire that this provides incentives within the fields of racers and builds in some competition between the drivers.

Will G-LOC Brakes do more sponsorship and contingency next year?

We absolutely hope to and hope that you will help us build our brand so we can continue to give back to our customers.